I was in desperate need of help with sleeping troubles and what I didn't realize was an unforeseen health issue and life changing situation.  Since 2015, Paul has become a beacon of light in my life.  Through his selfless desire to create an environment of healing, Paul has helped me transition into my "new normal".  With every visit, life becomes a little more easier to bear.  I have no idea what I would do without him on my journey....thank you for all that you have given me.


Washington, DC

I've had the pleasure of receiving Paul's healing powers over the last few years. His acupuncture and massage treatment has helped with injuries that I've experienced from sports. Paul is not only an expert in his craft but he really takes the time to learn not only what the issue is but also how one’s lifestyle may impact their health. If you're looking for a professional that cares and will deliver every time then look no further.


Washington, DC

I've been going to Paul for over a year now for acupuncture to help with my IVF and infertility. He is really the best in the city: he is not hokey or over the top (which I have found tends to deter people from experiencing different forms of medicine). He is super down to earth and helpful; happy to answer any question and is as determined as you are to cure what ales you. 


Washington, DC

Paul Robison is far and away one of the best acupuncturists and body workers I have ever had the privilege of working with. He combines acupuncture with tui na (massage) and cranial sacral work, and the combo is remarkable. He is also super sweet, smart and so thorough. Could not possibly recommend him more. 


Manhattan, NY

I heard about Paul's work through a co-worker and decided to try acupuncture to relieve severe night grinding, headaches, and poor sleep quality.  Although I had been exposed to acupuncture while living in Asia, I was somewhat skeptical of its effectiveness.  However, the treatments have resulted in a marked improvement in all the symptoms I wanted to address.  Paul's approach is to establish a partnership with his clients, and work with them to achieve specific results.  I highly recommend him, and value the results we've achieved together.


Washington, DC

I sought treatment from Paul in an effort to heal my chronic shoulder pain. At that point, I was new to acupuncture (I’d seen various massage therapists and a chiropractor, off and on, for years), and any apprehension faded the moment we sat down and he explained his process. We talked in depth about the source of the pain and he went to work. In addition to healing my shoulder and back, Paul has all but eliminated the stubborn tendinitis in my left elbow. The best part is his work feels incredible. I leave renewed and reenergized, much like the feeling of spending the day at a Korean spa. I never want the session to end and that says more than I ever could.


Washington, D.C.

I brought my seven year old son to work with Paul about 4 months ago in order to help my son feel more “in control” of himself.  My son was having trouble staying focused and on task and often told me that he felt like “his brain was going crazy.”  This could include outbursts and frustration with any changes in schedule or transitioning during the day – and often led to him feeling worse about himself after the moment passed.  I read a lot about how helpful cranio-sacral therapy could be  with children, particularly with hyperactivity or autism issues and started searching for practitioners in the area who had experience with children.  After 2 months there was a noticeable change in my son’s ability to control his emotions, communicate with us what was needed and “recover” from challenging moments.  Paul takes a very holistic approach and is completely dedicated to his clients.  He helped us work on diet and focused on meditation and movement as well as cranio-sacral therapy.  His work has gone outside of the four corners of the therapy room and includes thoughtful follow ups, recommendations, and next steps – all of which I know take a lot of work outside of the treatment session.  The combination has been transformative.  As a parent, it is hard to put your child in someone else’s care and I couldn’t be more grateful for Paul’s insight, compassion, professionalism and honesty in how treatment is going and what would be supportive and beneficial.  He’s been a pillar support in helping my son better negotiate his own abilities and develop strength and confidence in what he can do.  It has been an amazing journey so far and Paul has been an incredible practitioner, guide and friend through it all.


Washington, DC

A friend told me about Paul's healing touch and why I went to see him. He has helped me tremendously to relieve stress and balance my emotions. Working with him helps to keep me grounded and centered in my everyday life. I have a fast-paced job with lots of international travel and our weekly acupuncture sessions make all the difference in my health and well-being. His acupuncture style is gentle, yet effective, and the massage is most relaxing. Paul is a one-of-a- kind healer and I am grateful to have him in my life!


Washington, DC

I pulled a muscle in my lower back last year and my massage therapist wasn't able to help and strongly recommended I see an acupuncturist.  He gave me Paul's number and I immediately called to make an appointment and have been going once-a-month since! Not only was Paul's treatment effective - the pain subsided shortly thereafter - but he taught me lots of important things to do to maintain a healthy back :) Paul takes a genuine concern in my overall well-being and makes sure to tailor each of my monthly sessions to address whatever is ailing me at that specific time and moment - he has an incredibly soothing and calming demeanor that even just talking to him about your pains and physical or emotional struggles is therapeutic. He's a healer in every sense of the word and I look forward to each session !


Washington, DC

Paul helped me heal after a miscarriage -- which was more emotionally taxing than physically, though he addressed both aspects of the pain associated. He then treated me all through my pregnancy that followed, and worked wonders in terms of making me feel comfortable and easing my anxieties. Paul is a true healer: he always seems to understand what his patients are feeling, and knows just what they need to get better.


Washington, DC

I found Paul on while searching for a craniosacral therapist online after being in a car vs bike accident , requiring surgery to repair a broken ulna and radius, and recovery from a head injury, nasal fracture, impact wounds, road rash and multiple lacerations. Paul addressed the physical wounds, and deftly incorporated treatment of the psychological and emotional components of my injuries. Paul integrated his vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, anatomy, and his intuitive strengths to address my situation in a truly holistic fashion. Paul's kindness and dedication to helping me heal have been instrumental to my progress thus far, I feel drastic improvement after every session. Paul is fair and does not encourage more sessions than needed, his priority is helping the patient. As a patient, there is an opportunity to  work WITH Paul, he supports my participation in my healing, such that our process facilitates post-traumatic growth. It is a pleasure, relief, and great fortune to have Paul with me in this journey of healing.


Washington, DC

“I feel like my entire outlook on life improved once I started working with Paul. I didn’t even really have anything specific I wanted to address when I made the first appointment, I was just hoping he would help me improve my overall wellness. But I’ve gained so much more than that! He is a true healer, and his skills are evident from the moment you meet him and shake his hand. He imparts such a genuine interest in things happening in your life and the time in his care is a place free of judgment and just pure healing and growth. I have recommended him to everyone - friends, coworkers, even my taxi drivers! He’s simply amazing.”


Odenton, MD

Paul Robison’s guidance and treatments have enabled me to redirect my physical health and emotional outlook 180°.  I first visited Paul 15 months ago at the suggestion of a co-worker.  I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease the previous year, and despite a regimen of powerful biologic pharmaceuticals (with a lot of side effects and expense), had worsening pain and an ever darkening view of the world.  

Within the first few sessions with Paul I had a transformative release of negative energy.  Over the subsequent visits, we have been able to work together toward a more balanced, sound body/mind.  Today I am off of all prescription medications for RA, have minimal inflammation, and feel more optimistic about the future than I have been in years.


Washington, DC

I was referred to Paul by a colleague who suffered from debilitating migraines that has since been (essentially) headache free since seeing Paul.

My experiences with Paul have been perfect from the start. He is passionate about his craft and seeks to understand your condition and lifestyle to find the right treatment. I suffer from IT bad syndrome, TMJ and scar tissue buildup in my shoulder that causes pain. At every visit with Paul, my conditions have improved substantially and have had lasting effects. Paul is an incredibly talented professional that through acupuncture has helped to eliminate pain in my three key areas. I cannot recommend him more highly!


Washington, DC

My testimonial is not just for me but for our family. We were introduced by a mutual friend and Paul worked on my wife first and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. He's also worked on my daughter a division one athlete to keep her fit and my son after he suffer a head injury.

Paul has a radically centered way of approaching the mind and body, blending the Praxis of Chinese medicine theory with very practical next steps.  This includes things as simple as evaluating seating as well as a targeted and effective set of daily exercises.

I've been "working on my "rugby back"for fifteen years. My inherent skepticism of things seemingly new was overcome by the results of this age old approach to health that I saw with my family. In the end Paul's practiced and focused approach has resulted in extraordinary reduction in pain allowing me to keep active and professionally make long haul flights without 8-12 hours of nagging muscle spasms.

Finally, have to warm people that Paul is an interesting and provocative thinker who I've enjoyed talking with.


Washington, DC

Although I found Paul out of sheer luck, I now recommend him very purposefully to all my friends. I came to him with chronic ear and sinus pain that had been hard to treat and deeply affected my quality of life.  Paul's gentle touch and genuine care for his patients combined with his knowledge and skill in traditional Chinese medicine make him an amazing practitioner and healer.  He persisted with me for years advising me on and off the acupuncture table until I found relief.  He takes a holistic view of his patients' ailments and recommends treatments that fit into day-to-day life in addition to providing the motivation and encouragement to get well.  I look forward to every treatment with Paul as a respite from what ails me! 


Washington, DC

After three years of infertility challenges, nine months with Paul's acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, and nutritional and herbal advice helped me profoundly. His expertise and caring approach helped me manage stress and prepare my body and mind for pregnancy and now the joys of motherhood.


Washington, DC

I found Paul through a web search when he was with his prior practice; I was looking to try acupuncture as a way to help with stress. A year or two later, I rediscovered Paul at the Capital Center for Pyschotherapy & Wellness. After two miscarriages I needed a way to holistically get my body back on track, and I'm so thankful for Paul's acupuncture treatments and his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I trust his judgement and it's a pleasure having a clinician like Paul as part of my healthcare team."


Accokeek, MD

I heard about Paul when I first began going to Unwind Wellness in DC for massages.

My initial reason for seeking treatment was emotional and physical. I was struggling with loosing my partner of close to 20 years and I was grieving. I was suffering from depression and severe muscle tension. Paul's work with me allowed me to release these negative emotions in a safe and supportive environment.

I so value Paul's empathy, compassion and professionalism. His sixth sense of knowing what areas of the body to focus on to remove energy blocks is amazing. I owe much to my current contentment and happiness with myself to his talent and kindheartedness.


Washington, DC

I heard about Paul from my Pilates instructor, I had been having trouble with my neck for weeks and  after a class I asked her whether she knew anybody that could help me with the tightness in my neck. She whole heartedly recommended Paul.
Paul was kind enough to squeeze me in for a session after he had a cancellation and his treatment was magical. He released 90% of the tightness on that first session.
He is thorough, professional and he takes the time to make sure he understands and assesses what goes on with your body including your imbalances.  My first session with Paul was transformational and the tightness in my neck was gone.  On a second session he was even able to help me get rid of a cold with acupuncture.
I recommend Paul without reservations.  He is a wonderful professional who takes the time and makes the effort to make sure he understands and solves any problems you may have had when seeking his treatment.  He is gentle and kind and it is a pleasure to be one of his patients


Washington, DC

I heard about Paul through a friend who suggested that he might be able to help with a persistent ankle injury. Over the past year, Paul has provide tailored treatments to help with new aches and persistent problems, each visit is unique and has a very personal feel. I see tremendous value in the holistic nature of his practice.


Washington, DC

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